about me

When I was little, I dreamed of being a house painter or a paleontologist. (Mostly because I felt super cool that nobody else knew what that was.) Now I work with people who sell houses and, well, dinosaurs are still extinct. 

I'm tall, dark, and handsome.
Maybe mostly just tall.
I love wearing heels and I dream of being a trophy wife and rockstar mom.
Maybe mostly a mom.

I'm a college graduate, daughter, sister, photographer, crafter, designer, baker, list-maker, social media lover, event planner, and blog-a-holic.

And I love life.

You can catch me painting chalk board mugs...

Or baking cupcakes...
 and staining my Bosch pink...

I like to play photo shoot...

and share pictures that I take for realsies. 

I also spend a fair amount of time obsessing over Justin Bieber and writing secret letters to boys.

Most of all, I am a woman of God.
And I strive daily to be all that He wants me to be.
I'm the kind of girl who tries to let His love shine through in everything I do.

Welcome to my blog!

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