Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell to Elise's Pieces

This post feels all kinds of bittersweet and nostalgic. If I didn't think it would bore you all to death, I'd go through a long timeline of past blog header designs and highlights of all of my favorite posts. But, assuming you're not all as emotionally invested in my blog as I have been, I'll just stick with this favorite throwback header of mine and move on to the part where I tell you that I'm not done blogging forever, just moving on from Elise's Pieces.

I started blogging back in my junior high days. If you searched google enough, you might be able to find the live journal account where I whined about having crushes on boys I never spoke to and shared collaged images of Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson that I made in some freebie version of Photoshop that sparked my love for design. 

Since then, I've had a blast refining my writing style, sharing all my single life woes Dear Boys style, and especially meeting and connecting with all the wonderful people I have "met" virtually and met in real life. The people I've met through blogging are some of the most kind, creative, genuine people I have ever met. 

I'm fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people - blog friends and so many more great people. It's because of all of you who have continually believed in me, cheered me on, double-tapped all my instagram posts, and so much more that I am (finally) ready to open my design shop. 

During first year of college, a teacher and mentor of mine asked me to pick one word to describe my passion in life. I chose "create". I am passionate about creating music, memories, friendships, laughter, love, kindness, art, delicious food... that word just fits with so many things that bring me so much joy. 

So, Elise Creates is where you'll find me now. I hope to make it a place where I can share my passion for design and art in a way that encourages joy and kindness. I'll mainly be focusing on the shop side of things. Yeah - that's right. I'm finally opening a shop! But I'll also continue blogging about design, inspiration behind what's in the shop, and things that really matter to me. (Yes, including the Malise love story :) )

Thanks for supporting Elise's Pieces for so long - and really, for supporting me. I hope you'll love Elise Creates as much as I do. And, because I'm so grateful, I'm offering 20% off for anyone who made it all the way through this blog post. So, keep this one in your holster for when the shop opens in a few weeks. Code: ELISESPIECES.

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