Thursday, February 5, 2015

come party with me: sharing shine lunch & shirt

Not a lot of things make my heart happier than sparkles, doodling, service, and girl time. Combine #allthethings, and I'm holding back happy tears of joy. Seriously.

Sharing Shine is a community that encourages women of all ages to share their shine. The website is filled with shiny, sparkly stories that I just love reading. So, when Kelsey asked me to design a shirt for them, I was pretty much elated. 

This Saturday, Sharing Shine is hosting a "Beating Hearts Brunch" here in Logan. They'll have Fizz 'n Fryz, a valentine craft, and a speaker on self-care. So, basically, be still my beating heart. If you're free Saturday morning, I'd love for you to come party with me!

If you're not a local, hurry and buy plane tickets real fast... or at least check out the Sharing Shine website, cry over a few incredible stories, and then maybe buy a sparkle shirt. (I don't get any money if you do, but CAPSA does, so #goodturndaily).

Register for the event & buy a shirt here:

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