Monday, July 21, 2014

dating and donuts (hashtag:elisebrain hashtag:dearboys)

I don't really have anything important to say tonight. I just missed blogging. I also should really really be making myself get ready for bed. (Or doing laundry, because it's been an embarrassingly long time since that's happened.) But I'm here, blogging.

Let's talk about the single life for a moment. Insert the general "I know they mean well and are being nice and I take it as a compliment and stuff" disclaimer here. K, now. I'm just not sure how people think it's useful to say "Oh, he's coming! You just are waiting for the very very best. Don't you settle." and "He's going to come from somewhere you least expect it." and my personal favorite "Well, have you showed interest in my son? Maybe you should send him a message on facebook. Just say hi."

Like I said, they mean well. And at least they all think I should be dating someone, right? Mad props to them for that.

Sometimes, I don't want to be dating someone. Like, I reach this point of "actually I'm pretty cool on my own and that whole dating business is exhausting and maybe I'll just change my relationship status on facebook to 'donuts' and call it good".

And actually, most of the time, I actually much prefer the idea of dating someone. I even like the idea more than donuts when I'm thinking straight.

So, mostly there's no point to this post. And I know it's not Wednesday and I know I haven't dear boy-ed in forever, but these letters happened the other night at 1 AM and I need somewhere to share them, so, there's that.

dear no. 2 pencil,

chalk this one up to a great learning experience? okay, cool. 


dear j dub, 

I'm working on it. 


dear curly fries,

there are a lot of reasons that you are a favorite. and something from day one just felt natural. so, there's always that. 


dear potato,



dear shepherd's pie, 

no regrets. 


dear Prince Charming,

let's buy an RV and run away. 


dear blank check, 

too much, too soon. 

Love, Elise

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