Sunday, June 22, 2014

happiness: am I getting what I want?

I'm kind of fixated on the idea of happiness. I mean, I don't really think I'm alone. If you do a google search for "ted talks happiness" there are pages and pages of results that I'm now probably going to spend the next two weeks of lunch breaks watching. I'm pretty sure everyone genuinely wants to be happy - and we've kind of become obsessed with it.

I've always been a really happy person. Looking back on my life so far, I feel like I've had a really easy time choosing to be happy and staying happy. In fact, there have been many times when I've watched others and wondered why happiness seemed to be a struggle for them. Deep down, I know that I've had plenty of unhappy times in my life and many challenges that made it feel like happiness was unattainable - at least in that moment. Recently, I think maybe my perspective on happiness has been changing. I've had moments where I felt like I was wrong about all the happiness I'd felt before in my life. Like that may have all just been ignorant bliss. (I'll digress. I already talked about that in my last post.)

Today, I had kind of an "ah-ha" moment. Someone said something in a lesson at church that really just clicked and triggered something in my brain. I think somewhere along the line, I let my happiness become dependent on "am I getting what I want?" instead of "how am I being blessed?". Perhaps "how am I being blessed?" isn't the one secret question to being happy, but it does provide for a lot more consistent happiness. Because, the blessings never stop people. 

And ultimately, when I'm living worthy of those blessings, I guess I really am 'getting what I want'. But often it's all of the best things I never knew I wanted. 

I realize this is not the most well-written post to happen to my blog. Partially, I haven't finished processing my thoughts about this and partially... maybe it's really just that simple. Happiness might just be a lot more simple than we make it. It's a choice, it's all around us, we just have to remember that it's there and let it be the part of our life that we hold onto. 

And actually, I really want to know: how do you choose happiness - especially when life gets tough? what makes that difference in your life? 
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