Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I don't have a clue how to not worry.

Years ago, I asked a wise man a question about something I didn't understand to which he responded "Fear comes from focusing on the unknown. Faith comes from focusing on what you know." That statement is something that has really stuck with me.

Tonight, I had a friend ask me how I overcome worry. To which I quite literally responded "Wait, didn't you read my blog post? I don't have a clue how to not worry." But then we talked about some of the ways I've been discovering to conquer worry and I realized that I know a lot of the answers, I just am learning how to really put them into practice. 

I've learned to avoid asking questions that will lead me down unknown paths. "What if..." always leads me to more questions and more unknowns and "Why me?" has rarely proven to be of any value beyond feeling bad for my lack of understanding. I think a lot of times we worry about things we don't understand. That's where focusing on what we know comes in.

Instead of "what if..." I can ask myself, "what do I currently know about this question?" and instead of "why me?" I can ask "what can I be learning from this situation?" The other day, I was really stressed about something in my life and all I could focus on was what might happen in the future. I was reevaluating my feelings of what I might want to happen every 5 minutes and over analyzing all of the external information involved. (Wow, that was vague. Okay. Boy problems. I was over analyzing every single thing he said. You get it.) 

I realized that I was just driving myself completely crazy with unknowns and questions and I finally made myself stop and write a list of things I knew. Some items weren't even "directly" related. At the top of the list was "God loves me" because I've also learned that when all other hope seems to be gone, there is always eternal hope in God's infinite love for His children. 

That's the other thing. When I feel myself starting to worry, I seek spiritual strength. I know I can't do this on my own. Most of my worry comes from trying to figure out how to solve all my problems by myself. But when I rely on God and trust in His plan, I have every opportunity to focus on what I know and I realize that He will guide me through everything unknown. 

P.s. Thank you to everyone who loved on my last post with likes, comments, etc. It really is awesome to remember that I'm not alone. Let's start up worriers anonymous meetings next wednesday? ;)
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