Sunday, August 18, 2013

sidewalk cupcakes

oh, hey. :) remember how I have a blog? I'mma interrupt this spontaneous (but much needed) blogging hiatus that I've been taking to tell you about something that's been on my mind lately. they're called sidewalk cupcakes.

the idea is that you're out for a walk and you see something up ahead of you in the middle of the sidewalk. once you're closer, you can tell that it's a cupcake. it's totally beautiful, well decorated, it looks all moist and delicious and wonderful. but, before you eat it, you stop to think about where it came from and why it's on the sidewalk.

as you start to peel the wrapper off, you find a little bug that has crawled into the cupcake. it's a real shame, because that was one beautiful cupcake! but bugs are germy and gross and you remember that you really don't know where that cupcake came from or what value it actually has.

in life, we often find these sidewalk cupcakes. things that are great and wonderful (or seemingly so) that might not be as great as they seem once you inspect them a little more closely. and maybe some of the cupcakes we find on the sidewalk are actually completely fine and bug free, but you still don't know where it came from. can you really trust it without checking the source? I'm not talking about wikipedia here. Maybe there are times that you can inspect it enough to trust a sidewalk cupcake.

the point is, all that glitters (or has delicious fluffy frosting and sprinkles) isn't necessarily gold.

case in point: this fantastic video

please note that I did say fantastic. I like a lot a lot about this video. way to go, Chris. here's what I find upon further inspection: he explains a lot of really great, really valuable things. love. l-o-v-e. (cheerio dust, for the win). then he get's to the next part about being sexy. which he says comes from being smart, thoughtful, and generous. seriously great things to be. and I love how he explains that everything else is crap that people sell you to make you feel like less. oh, how wonderful would life be if we were all smart, thoughtful, and generous and if we recognized our true value.

and therein, lies that disgusting little bug in the middle of such a great cupcake. things that people sell you to make you feel like less. namely, being sexy. being smart, thoughtful, and generous have some serious value for what they are without including anything about being sexy. be smart to be smart for pete's sake (or for you own sake, really.)

since when is the ultimate goal in life to be sexy? is our ultimate goal in life really about sex? I know my ultimate goal has a LOT more to do with genuinely being thoughtful and generous than it has to do with sex. if your ultimate goal in life is being sexy, I submit that you are buying into that crap that makes you feel like less. I'm not saying there is no value in sex. I'm saying that there is no value in placing your worth in the hands of sexiness.

I love the rest of what he says about life and creating your own experiences. and I KNOW I'm getting kind of nit-picky here, but that's kind of my point. how often are we eating sidewalk cupcakes and not even realizing the bugs? how often do we find great videos like this but never take a moment to really look at what we're watching and recognize what is genuinely valuable about it and what is maybe actually a subtle lie that we're being fed to kill our self-worth?

sometimes, you find cupcakes on the sidewalk. if you want to eat it, I say eat it. but take the time to check your source and pick out the bugs. I think it's good to find value and truth in things that may not be perfect. but I think we also need to be aware of what we're consuming. truth, pure truth purchased from a store that you know and trust can often have more value than a sidewalk cupcake of some truth mingled with deceiving little bugs.


in other news, I will probably be back to blogging on a normal schedule someday, but for now I am really taking a break. I need to not feel like a slave to my blog. I want to blog because I love it and right now there are things in my life that are taking priority over obligatory blogging.
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