Wednesday, July 10, 2013

this is not a dear boys post

but I am going to talk about boys.
and love.

starting off with things I may or may not have said regarding love:
"handshakes can lead to eternal bliss"
"seriously, don't talk facebook to me if you don't love me!"
"I'm not sure I'll be complete until I've hugged him"
"well, he liked my status on facebook, so we're pretty much in love"
"all I really want out of life is shepherd's pie and a boyfriend"
"if marriage decisions were based entirely on hilariousness, I would have 27 husbands"

and by may or may not, I actually mean that I've said all of those things.

love is a funny thing to me because, honestly, I think we all kind of wish we were in love. dating/boy frustrations are usually actually just frustrations with them not loving you. amiright?

oh, love.

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