Monday, July 15, 2013

dirty fingernails & half-way-through-the-year resolutions

Let's talk about how I have some crazy dirt under my fingernails. I ripped up some serious weed guard stuff at our stake service project tonight. I still have wood chips and dirt down my shirt. And somehow, even though I had a good time with friends and did a great act of service, I still left feeling grumpy.

Service is supposed to make you happy. Right? And really, it does make me happy. I know it does. I'm grumpy over dumb things. And I'm way too focused on those things when I could be enjoying happiness from serving.

I think it's all too easy to get caught up in the things you're worried about and the blessings you wish you had. I know my life would be much more enjoyable if I would stop being so focused on myself. And if I would just step back and look at all the blessings I DO have instead of sitting around wishing for other blessings, I'd probably be pretty speechless to realize just how blessed I am.


I've spent the last couple days trying to focus on what I can do to stop stressing myself out and start enjoying life more. Okay, I'll stop being vague: dating is dumb and I wish it wasn't such a focus in my life, but I know that it's actually an important focus in my life right now. I just want to find the balance of progressing in dating without stressing myself out about it. My answer? The story at the beginning of this article.

And the funny thing is that as soon as I realized that was my answer, I knew that I'd known it was the answer for at least the last 6 months. I just haven't been so willing to listen. Maybe I'm kind of stubborn?

So, I'm creating a new motto. A half-way-through-the-year resolution, if you will. I'm going to go write it nice and big on the chalk board in my room right now. And then I'm going to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow.
forget yourself and go to work
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