Tuesday, June 18, 2013

things that happened

1. SUMMERFEST. I kind of lived there this weekend. And it was blissful. Jewelry made from silverware, cats made from leaves, hand lettering skills like you wouldn't believe, and late nights with live music and card games. Summerfest is bliss.

2. This father's day dear boys post from last year.

3. Tonight we went to the local "redneck waterslide". It's pretty much a giant, heavy duty slip 'n slide that runs down the side of a large hill. We went front ways and back ways and side ways. And then I played the best game of Volleyball I've played in a long time.

4. Did I mention that it's summer and I love everything about it?

5. My favorite missionary is about to hit hear year mark which means she is coming back to me in six months!! #Sisterdaisy

6. I had a bad face day. It's like a bad hair day, but instead your face decides it wants to be a small mountain range when it grows up. So, you cry, do a face mask, and move on with life. We're working our way back to good face days.

7. My favorite sister turned 21 and we did not go to a bar. But we did buy each other tickets to the Michael Buble concert for our respective birthdays. #bestideaever (And also, can we discuss how glorious our awkward family photo is?)

8. Nichelle did not have a birthday, but one month before her birthday I gave her tickets to the Sara Bareilles concert. So, let's just say my concerting and birthdaying life is going well.

What's happening in your life?
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