Wednesday, May 1, 2013


But really. Doesn't springtime just make you so happy? And let's talk about how snoshack opened this weekend and I've maybe already been thrice. And how that very first lemon cheesecake snocream was absolute bliss on my tastebuds. (Springtime is a short little gal here in Utah, so, it'll be summer like next week. Unless it snows again, of course.)

I'm not really a seasonal depression kind of girl. I actually do really like winter (for about 3-4 months only, thanks Utah) and gloomy grey skies translate to stellar photography lighting in my mind. But all the same when the colorful blossoms start to pop up on the dreary trees and the skies start to brighten and the sun lasts past 6:00 pm my heart just starts to sing.

I've kind of had the best week. Not because of any one specific thing, and really, it hasn't been a much different week than usual (besides snoshack opening) but I've been embracing spring and fresh starts and real, authentic beauty. Things are changing a lot around here. I live in a college town and many of my friends are headed out after the end of this week. Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye, but I've also realized that goodbyes are only hard because of the connections we make with people.

Somehow, in the magic of friendship, respect, and even romance, I think the relationships we have with people are really just opportunities for God to show us how much he loves us. Whether it's through the service we get to do for each other, or through realizing how incredible your best friend is and starting to understand that she thinks the exact same thing about you. It's all just a really tiny glimpse of God's love for us.

And that's really what springtime is. It's fresh starts, new creations, relationships that mean something, and beauty all around. And I love it.
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