Sunday, May 19, 2013

self-worth revisited.

One year ago today I wrote this post on self-worth. Sometimes it's cool to look back and think "hey, good point, self, you're one smart cookie."

It's also cool to look back and see how I've changed and grown.

And guess what, I believe I'm worth it. Maybe not 100% of the time, I do have my doubtful moments. But when I focus on what's important, I recognize my worth.

In the past year, I've learned some pretty important things:
- you don't have to be perfect, just striving.
- when you recognize things you need to be better at, you don't have to fix everything over night. baby steps are good.
- everyone else is a lot less concerned about your faults and a lot more worried that you might be noticing their faults.
- people do actually like me.
- people actually like me MORE when I'm completely myself than they do when I'm trying to impress them. (ask me sometime and I'll tell you a story about doing the thriller dance all by myself in a room full of bloggers that I maybe have stalked for years and nearly passing out when I realized people were recording videos of me on their phones. uh, yeah.)

Like I said, I'm still not 100% of the way there. I don't know that I'll ever be. But things change when you start to believe in yourself a little bit more and worry about what others think of you a little bit less.

I could get all mushy and tell you how awesome and absolutely worth it YOU are, but I think I'll end with a sentiment from one of my favorite little campers my first year working at summer camp.

"You rock and you know it!"

You do rock. Embrace it until you know it.
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