Sunday, May 26, 2013

on my mind

There is just something about perfectly blue skies with big, puffy, glowy clouds. For me, it's a feeling of happiness, peace, and hope. Honestly, I love a good grey sky, overcast day- it's the best kind of photography lighting, but, my heart can't help but sing for joy when I see a work of art like this one above my head. Blue skies speak of summer bliss and daily snocones and walks in the park. And even though I spend most of my summer days inside staring at a giant iMac, my heart still knows it's summer. I am grateful for blue skies.

Rainy day, sitting outside the temple, because it's my favorite place to be. Probably the my favorite part of raindrops is the way they reflect and magnify things when you look through them. They're magical. And, they change things. It's been pretty rainy here this last week, but ohhhh how everything looks so green and happy and new. I am grateful for rain.

How does the sky do this? Cotton candy clouds with perfect pink and blue. In my family, we call this "sky blue pink" as if it's all one color. In fact, it was my great grandpa's favorite color. And while I've never met him here on earth, it's nice to know that we have this connection of believing in sky blue pink. Tomorrow, I'll go visit some graves, including his. I think the best part of memorial day is the memories. Holding on to beautiful sky blue pink sunsets and banana cream pie. I am grateful for memories.

I believe in tender mercies. You know, those little moments where God says "Hey, it's all going to be okay. You're exactly where I want you to be. Keep going, hold on." and suddenly you get that life is about so much more than which flavor of snocone you get or what you're doing with your Friday night. It's in those moments that I realize that life is more about just doing your best and moving forward. And I think it makes a huge difference to realize exactly how much God is aware of you. Because, He is. And I am grateful for Him.

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