Friday, May 31, 2013

birthday girl

birthdays are kind of favorite around here. and by that I mean, I really really really love the guts outta my birthday. maybe it's my inner child (which spends more time on the outer part of me than the inner, I might be turning 5...) or maybe it's my love for parties. either way, birthdays are the bomb dot com.

actually, I love holidays in general. any reason for celebrating, dressing up, throwing a party, feeling special, making someone else feel special, overgramming, making up hashtags... is a good reason to me. especially that feeling special part. you know, as I've grown up, I've realized that feeling special doesn't have to mean you're the only one that is special and everyone else is something less than what you are. you're special, because you're you and they're special because they're them. so, we're all just that cool and feelin' pretty fly all at the same time.

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