Thursday, April 4, 2013

throwback thursday

a couple years ago, before my roommates were my roommates, we had a photoshoot. you see, my friend, Wendi, and I were visiting teaching companions and we were assigned to visit Brynne and Emily. Wendi and I clicked because we both love photography, so we took Brynne and Emily as our models. the rest is history. now Brynne, Emily, and I are roommates and we still love the guts out of Wendi (she and I watched the voice and chatted about boys and school and work and boys earlier this week.) you've probably seen many of these pictures around before (cough, cough, my header??) but, they're classics.

emily, elise, brynne.
red head, brunette, blonde.
roommates // charlie's angels

classic high school musical jumping pose.
wendi, emily, elise, brynne.

so, I use this picture a lot, a lot.
here's the thing: I think every person needs a picture of them
where they truly feel beautiful (/handsome /attractive in general).
and when you've got that picture, be proud of it!

we first bonded over our love for america's next top model photoshoots
then over our love for miley.
actually, maybe it was a non-love for miley... either way.

have you ever done a photoshoot with friends? or maybe you feel the way I do about these pictures (obsessively in love) about your engagements or wedding pictures? do you have a picture of yourself that you just really love?

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