Wednesday, March 27, 2013

firmoo glasses review is my favorite place to buy glasses. They have tons of super cute frames for really low prices. (Like $8 kind of low.) And guess what! They have a first pair free program. And free is totally cheaper than $8. So, that's cool.

Firmoo sent me this pair of glasses to review for you and they are seriously rockin' my world. They have kind of a matte/wood grain finish in the plastic and I totally love them. They also don't jab into the sides of my skull like most glasses do. (I always get headaches. My cranium is just so HUGE. ;) But really, they are very comfortable glasses and they don't even slide down my nose.

I wear prescription lenses, but you can get glasses without a prescription or even sunglasses. These glasses aren't super hipster-y, but they have some of those, too. (I may or may not own a pair).

So, are you going to get yourself a free pair of firmoo glasses? (There really is no catch, so, I don't know why you wouldn't.)

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