Wednesday, March 6, 2013

dear boys 57

dear texas hold 'em,

you should probably be in love with Nichelle.
And give her roses and tell her her niece is the cutest.

that's all,
girl who recognized you from facebook

(you can follow that link, it's okay)

don't ask how I came up with that name. 
just embrace it.
also, 100 followers at your service. #iwannaprize

bitter old maids forever,
p.s. really do go follow his blog though.

dear ryachu,

you really are super great. 
don't forget that.


dear spare hug,

yeahhh, there isn't really a reason for things to be awkward when I run into you, but I still think I prefer the whole "totally pretending I didn't see you" game. 

congrats on the engagement,

dear christmas song,

I think you get three strikes. 
I'll try to be a really good pitcher though.

p.s. baseball flirting analogies ftw?

dear mr. tumnus,

I'm not sure I'll ever really understand you, but the more I'm around you, the more I like you.


dear shepherd's pie,

is it weird if sometimes you seem more like my cool uncle than the boy I had a borderline obsessive crush on last year?


Dear boys peeps:
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