Monday, March 18, 2013

a monotonous life update.

Feet. Because you should always take pictures of your feet with your sister.
Chalkboard markers on chalkboard tables, stellar quotes, and flowers I bought for myself.

This dressing room wall was begging me to instagram it. But then I stuck it to the dressing room wall man and took the picture and never instagrammed it. 
 Vintage. Brownie. Camera. 
 Chillin' with my favorite peeps.

In other news: my new job is the bomb, I finally tried mega stuff oreos (and my life is forever changed), I've spent some quality time discussing the language of love with my BFF, Sam, (;>."?), I also don't know how to use commas appropriately, I've taken to writing novel comments on the brilliant posts of my fave Katilda, and I recently purchased a family size box of white cheddar cheeze its. 

What's new in your life? 
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