Friday, March 29, 2013

a little bit of life lately

in a non-square format. whaaat?
(just thought I'd switch it up.)

Easter Eggs. Just so you're aware, these are the ones that didn't end up looking like dinosaur eggs. (Yeah, speckled, grey-brown, pukey, the works.)
We made paper airplanes for FHE and had a contest. The three categories were furthest flying,  most creative, and most inventive. Guess which one I won? Furthest flying. (It was an accident, I was totally aiming for creative.)
a - I love me some ampersand shirt. b - the walls in the dressing room were just begging me to photograph them.
new glasses (for free. read about it here) and a new shirt (not free, but still awesome)
my current phone background. sometimes I lay in bed playing with the pixlr express app instead of sleeping. it's good for me...
just a little chalkboard table lovin'
this place is where I go to think. I usually end up here once a week or so, depending on the week. Nichelle ended up joining me and we just chatted outside for a while. It's amazing how much peace I feel just being in the parking lot. 
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