Monday, February 11, 2013

things i love

Anything pink and sparkly.

Also, nail polish.

Valentine's Day.


Lemon bars.


And crepe dates with my sister.

And crepe dates with Nichelle.

And I'd probably like a crepe date with a boy, too.

My new glasses.

And that lacy mint sweatshirt I'm wearing.

And anything mint colored.

Or lacy.

My pretty sister.

And my snow boarding, rock star golfer of a brother.

And my pro-at-instagram-mirror-pictures other brother.

I like them all.

A pretty Chrissy-face wearing my favorite color and giving me a shout out on instagram.

Bloggy friends.

Roadtrips to Cali with bloggy friends in exactly 3 months from today.

What do you love?

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