Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the trouble with girls

On Sunday, I had a really great day. I received lots of complements, felt like I looked good... then I came home and thought about everything that had gone wrong and everything I should have done better. At "Flirt and Dessert", my friend had complimented me on my chalkboard handwriting and showed everyone my chalkboard doodle pictures on instagram. So, that night I pulled it up and thought to myself "no, it really isn't that good, I should be better if people are going to complement me".

What is the deal, girls?? Why do we do this to ourselves? Humility is good, but tearing ourselves apart? How do I stop obsessing over all my faults without becoming prideful??

I've been totally overwhelmed lately. Getting a new job has been a huge blessing. Leaving my current job has been kind of heartbreaking. My sister and I were comparing it to dating yesterday. It's like, I'm breaking up with my current job because Channing Tatum came along and asked me to be his girlfriend. So, I'm way excited about dating Mr. Tatum, but how the heck do you impress someone like that? Really, I've just built it all up WAY too much in my mind and I'm causing myself unnecessary stress.

I was reading the scriptures the other night and I found a story about Oliver Cowdery. The Lord basically told him "You know what's right. I already enlightened your mind and brought you peace. Keep moving forward and trust in Me."
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