Wednesday, February 13, 2013

dear boys 55

It just felt wrong to not dear boy the day before Valentine's, so, here I am!

dear panda express,

I might like you. 
or I might like the fact that you might like me.

still deciding,

dear christmas song,

I'm not really supposed to like you so if you could keep the heart-melting smiles to a
minimum that would be greatly appreciated.


dear shepherd's pie,

It's not that you're made with fake potatoes,
it's more like you left out the green beans. 

let's just be friends,

dear nabisco,

christmas break kind of killed any momentum we had going.

oh well,

dear flamingo,

you're a real hero.

praying for you and "mom",

dear bacon,

EVERY girl loves you. 
Are you ever going to do anything about that?

just sayin',

Dear boys peeps:
Write your DB post, put the button on it, and link it up over here.
Then, go read the other DB posts linked up.
Share the DB lovin'.


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