Saturday, January 5, 2013

what up, 2013?

oh, hey, rainbow face.

So, here's the deal. While the rest of the blog world was reviewing 2012, sharing their new goals, picking their one little word, etc. I was, well, not. It's not that I didn't think about what rocked and did not rock about 2012. I also have been rolling some goal ideas and one little words around in my mind.
What really happened is: my internet broke. But, it's fine.

It's back now and I'm here to give you what I'd like to call a Smörgåsbord blog post of 2012 meets 2013 awesomeness. (Also, Smörgåsbord. If you knew how to spell that before today, you are wonder woman. Or Captain America. Respectively.)

(As if it's possible to sum up a year in 9 instagrams.)

You make my dreams:
Official road trip song of 2012. Arizona twice, St. George, South Jordan (I know it's right by my parent's house, but I'm counting it), Rexburg. So, I didn't go very far, but I did really stellar things.
Blog retreats, food-cations, and awkward trips for the sake of dreamy boys. And ohhhh the amazing people we met. 

If I remember right, that's an alternator:
Oh, the car problems. New alternator, new battery, doors that only unlock from the outside, new transmission... I don't even remember everything that went cray cray with my car this year. I do remember the longest month of my life when the transmission was being replaced though. Thank goodness for stellar friends who loved to give me rides everywhere. I learned a lot about freedom in my carless times. It felt really... captive to have to always rely on someone to get places. I spent many friday nights alone this summer because hunting down things to do and rides to the place to do them is a lot harder than driving yourself and making things happen. 

IDK, my BFF, Nichelle?:
Really, she deserves an entire blog post to herself. But, I'mma try to squish a lot of awesomeness into one paragraph. Official road trip companion (and third wheel), Slash Blog co-founder, eating lots of food #becausewedeserveit, boy drama, girl drama, synchronized uteri (TMI? It's actually awesome to always be grumpy at the same time as your best friend.), directing plays, celebrations of still being alive, design consultant, twin pilot boyfriends... nearly all of my best memories of 2012 involve Nichelle.
And she thinks I'm funny. So, I love her.

Temple time:
The one place that can get me out of bed before 6 am. And not just the Logan temple, I love all of them. It's been cool to see so many new temples built. I loved touring the Brigham City Temple and going to the dedication. There was a while this year that I rocked at going once a week (and there were times that I didn't rock at it). But, it always blesses my life. Even just the Wednesday nights when I needed some me time and I'd sit outside the temple in my car and just think. The temple is one of the biggest blessings in my life. 

Oh, for the love of instagram. Seriously though, I love it. People can argue all they want about how nobody wants to see what I'm eating, and why would you take a picture with your 8 megapixel camera just to put a filter on it and make it look old, and what's with all the #catsofinstagram. Whether their beefs with instagram are valid or not, it's been really fun to have a way to share life. I mean, yes, steak is a beautiful thing, but finding a new angle to photograph it from and someone commenting to tell you about their favorite seasoning or cooking method... I don't know, it's kind of my favorite. I feel like I've learned to look at life a little bit more artistically. Instead of seeing a gorgeous sunset and wishing someone was there to share it with you, you can #nofilter that baby and suddenly you have friends on the other side of the world double tapping that pretty sky right along with you. 
As for daily bedhead, it's just fun. 

Elise's Pieces Print Shoppe:
It's not really about opening a shop this year. What really happened this year is that I realized one huge giant passion in my life. I love design. I mean, I really did know that before. I did. But this year I heard a story about a boy with a mathematician dad. The dad would teach his son all sorts of equations and every day they would solve them on a giant chalkboard in their house. One day, the boy didn't know how to continue the problem and the dad said "Well, why not? Haven't you been thinking about it all this time that we haven't been working on it?" The boy, of course, hadn't. His dad was puzzled and said "Well, son, what do you think about when you have nothing else to think about?" 
The point is, we are all passionate about something. When you can't fall asleep, do you do math problems? Do you plan parties? Do you write song lyrics?
I design. I daydream about typography, I think of color combinations. 
When I'm stressed, I design fake wedding invitations.
I could nearly spend eternity in Adobe InDesign and never be bored.
That's why I opened a shop. I just want a place to share my passion.

No makeup face:
It's taken me a long time to learn that I am pretty. I still have doubtful days, I think we all do. But for some reason this year, I finally believed it. I got it. I looked at my face in the mirror and genuinely liked what I saw.  I still have acne. And I'm beautiful with acne. Not just on the days that I cover it well or don't have a huge breakout. 

Sister Daisy:
My best friend Janielle, aka Daisy, left this summer to go serve a mission for our church in Florida. Let me tell you about how before she left, we had never spent more than a week apart since the day we met. We worked at summer camp together, we took classes together, we lived together, we went home together, when we were home for weekends, we'd hang out, we shopped together, we served together... I'm just barely getting over the need to text her 24/7. I miss pillow talk. I have loved getting letters from her and being able to distantly share our experiences. And I totally believe in what she's doing. The people of Florida are blessed to have her. (So, I'll share for another year I think.)

Papa Johns:
And also #iliveatsnoshack. Let's be honest, I've lost count of how many Papa John's pizzas and sno cones I ate this year. It's an obsession. I did go a month, a whole month, without any pizza. Let's be honest, it was lame. But I did prove that I can do it. So, that's cool. I feel weird ending my epic year with a section on pizza. But, it really was a big part of my year. 

100 points to Gryffindor for anyone who has read this post this far. I just have one more thing to say.

I'm still debating a little on what my one little word will be. I'm 96% sure I'm choosing bold. (So just in case, I've already been acting that way.) I love fresh starts, blank pages, room to create and grow and become. I want 2013 to be the year where I live boldly. One where I'm not afraid of making mistakes or being rejected. One where I take chances that will make things happen. I will be bold. 

Have you picked a one little word or made resolutions? Did you do a 2012 review post? I'd love to read it (now that I have internet again). Share with me and leave a link in the comments. :)

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