Monday, January 21, 2013

on a scale from one to dreamy.

It's no secret that I judge books by their covers. And if it was a secret, well, let's just blow that one right out of the water. I can read a book with a poorly designed cover, I just prefer not to. 
Judging CD covers, however, is a recently acquired hobby. This post originally was going to be a list of the top 10 "dreamiest" CD covers, but suddenly I started to realize that I couldn't just appreciate well-posed, beautiful people, but iconic graphics and brilliant design as well.

on a scale of one to dreamy: dreamy and a half.
This is the album cover that inspired this post. I always feel like Alfie is trying to flirt with me in this picture. Like maybe he's about to wink. He's just so, pleasant. It's like he's saying "please, allow me to serenade you with my eyes." 
Fun fact: Alfie is married to a woman from Utah. I approve of that message. I also hope she keeps this CD cover on her bedside table.

I own a 2-pocket folder with this image. Seriously, though. I know that much of what the Beatles did, wore, sang, ate... was iconic. But this, this just speaks to me. It's partially a need to appreciate it just because everyone else in the world does. But besides jumping on the Abbey Road bandwagon, it's just so rhythmic and well-composed. 

Sara B. can do no wrong. The mirror image, the simple symmetry, the kaleidascopey lines and drop shadow, and the white space. Oh, the white space. 

First, let's discuss the brilliance of Mraz.. Mr. A-Z. Like, for reals? And the autograph, and the vintagey film, and the school notebook, and the paper airplane, and the out-of-focus vortex of school lockers. This album cover is like, throwback thursday inception.

Karen Carpenter is my vocal role model (besides the vomiting that was probably pretty harsh on her vocal chords). But really. I wish my brothers loved to sing more so that we could harmonize and have a rockin' tambourine player in our band. Oh, but about the CD cover: That logo. The cool almost-symmetry and the swirly oh-so-seventies lettering. And the car. And the framing. And the focus.
and her pants.

I love the simple whimsy of this cover. The horizontal lines of the wood and the railing juxtaposed with the diagonal lines of her jump. Plus, the red umbrella creating a focal point and pointing right outside of the picture, but somehow still bringing you right back in to the simple, but beautifully-designed title. Oh, like, anchoring you back into the real focal point of the picture. Seriously, is anyone else in awe?

Technically, her name is poorly kerned. But it's awesome. (Once you know the rules, you get to break them, right?) I sort of wish the A on Earl overlapped the baseline of the E in the same way it does the K on Kate. You know, just for some rhythm. But, you win some, you lose some. I am obsessed with the rhythm of the picture though. The overlapping of her eyes and the continuous bangs across the top. I want to be Kate Earl's face when I grow up.

Extra points for dreaminess plus neat design. (And I'm super grateful that they ordered them (L to R) by attractiveness. I'm also grateful that they knew to choose all of my favorite colors to wear. Next, let's talk about how I want to own one (or all) of those jackets). And  now the awesomeness of the different patterns on the banner that is exploding from their heads. I have to admit though, I'm not a giant fan of their font choice.

I'm positive there are billions more well-designed/awesome/dreamy CD covers out there. I'm sort of biased by the ones I know well and the music I listen to. What CD covers do you think I missed? 
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