Friday, January 25, 2013

late night awesome buffet

You guys. Life is really good. Like really good. Do you ever have those weeks where you're not totally sure why, but life is just really good to you? I mean, it's not really like anything changed this week. I did most of the same things I usually do. But for some reason, I liked those things more this week. I didn't get more sleep, I haven't really changed my routine... I have been drinking more white grape juice. My dad is pretty sure grape juice has magic powers, so maybe that's it? (Also, no, I'm not dating anyone. So, don't go making any "Elise's life is really good, she must have met a boy" assumptions.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the awesome things that have been a part of my week. Some things are simple, some are 15 minute motivational videos. That's why we're going buffet style. You have the option of choosing to just sample each thing I'm about to share, or, you can get your money's worth and just take it all in until you have to undo the button on your pants because you're about to burst. (Metaphorically, of course. Undo that top button on your metaphorical pants of awesome. Or, just go change into your metaphoric stretchy pants of awesome. Or even some real life stretchy pants. Because who doesn't love them some stretchy pants?)

I know everyone's been posting this on facebook, but, it's the bomb. So, you just been pep talked.

If you haven't seen this floating around on social media yet, go read it. It will make you feel invincible. 

We watched this at our office meeting this week. My boss said I'd probably love it. And I did. And I'm pretty sure you're all going to love it too. (I know it's long, but think of it as the ever-so-tasty dessert bar at the buffet. You know you don't have room, but you need to eat seven more cookies and a bowl of froyo with sprinkles anyway. And you're happy about it.)

I've loved this song since high school. I went to the Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band concert tonight. They perform up here each year and I always remember how much I really do love this song. And I leave feeling all motivated to dream big and change the world and stuff. 

Also awesome: late night chats about boys and the mysteries of eternity with katilda, celebrating Thursdays and new jobs with Nichelle, Heidi, and Wendi; being a font/design nerd with Samuel T. (who just redesigned his blog and it's neat and OH YEAH, he's a legit boy blogger, they do exist), happy mail from my two favorite missionaries and Ashley Marie and Chrissy Maire, and certainly not least of all, those moments where you just know God loves you and is aware of you. 

 Now, go home and bask in your fullness of awesome. 

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