Thursday, January 31, 2013


If instagram was running for president of the united states, I would vote for it.
If instagram was 3 for a dollar at the grocery store, I'd buy 65.
If instagram was standing at the bus stop in the rain, I'd offer it a ride.

Because I love instagram.


Just a little aqua meets aqua styling. Fabulous lace sweater a la target, bubble necklace a la group dealz.

I took this while ice skating. Bomb, right? But really, I was so happy that I got to go ice skating this week.

We cookie blast-ed our ward this week. Mostly that means my super great roommate, Emily, made 200 sugar cookies. Nichelle, Brynne, and I frosted and sprinkled them. And then I recruited some fellow wardies to deliver them to every single person in our ward. You see, cookies make friends. Now people can come to church and think "oh yeah, that girl over there gave me a cookie. I have a friend here."

I tried sushi this week. I had had a California roll from a crappy Chinese buffet before,  but I hear that doesn't count. So, I for real tried sushi this week. Here are my thoughts: the deep fried spider shaped lobster appetizer I had was life changing, the spring rolls were bliss, the California roll (pictured on the right) was icky, the Angel Hair roll (pictured on the left) was actually pretty good, Mango Mama was tasty, and the one with raw fish and the name I can't remember was an experience I don't wish to repeat. I actually thought raw fish wouldn't bother me, but, let's just say I took a giant gulp of water and swallowed it whole to prevent any further awkwardness. 
Oh. And I'll be asking tempura banana to be my Valentine.

Bought tickets to Elevate yesterday. Picture this: Me, Nichelle, Chrissy, and Katilda up til 3 am, skipping around the beach holding hands, mingling with some favie Cali bloggers (namely: Little Miss Momma and Momma Go Round), bustin' out the sparkly spandex pants c/o last March's blog conference road trip, DISNEYLAND... Yeah, I kind of live a wonderful life. Who wants to be packed in my suitcase?

Whipped out the natural curls yesterday. (By natural, I mean, thank you egg whites.) Sometimes I forget that my hair actually does this and that it's actually easier than blow drying it all the way. 

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