Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm sorry I shouted. 

I really really am in love though. 
I asked for a rice cooker for Christmas. You see, partially, it's because I'm lazy and it's way easier to just stick rice in a rice cooker and let it do it's thing. But also, it's because I have a tendency to burn rice to the bottom of the pan when I cook it. So, I was pretty sure a rice cooker would be my best friend.

My parents got me a rice cooker and steamer much like this one and seriously I've cooked 75% of my meals in it since I got back to my apartment and opened it up.

Here's what I made the other day: (And like 4 other times before I IG'd it)
Teriyaki Chicken and veggies with rice.

Here's how:

1-2 pieces frozen chicken
Frozen veggies
Teriyaki Sauce (I like this kind best.)
(P.s. they have a gluten free version, so that's cool of them.)

I put one scoop of rice in and filled the water up to line one. Then, I put in my steam tray and set some frozen chicken in with a frozen veggie mix. Then, I drizzled a little bit of sauce on top.
Then, I pressed the White Rice button and let 'er go.
My machine also has a delay timer, so that's helpful for having it cook while I'm at work.

Once finished, I drizzled a little more teriyaki sauce.
That's it. 

Plus also, look at all these OTHER amazing recipes.

Two final notes:
1. I haven't tried this without the steaming tray, but really, it's a piece of plastic. I think the only problem you'd have without a steaming tray is that your chicken would just get cooked IN with the rice instead of being steamed above the rice. 
2. I think I'mma try rice cooker oatmeal tomorrow. 

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