Thursday, January 31, 2013

happy thursday

I don't hate the snow. I just can't do it. When it first snowed in October, I was feeling pretty grumpy about it.  I was going to hold onto summer forever. But these last two weeks have been winter paradise. We've finally made it up to the 30s and compared to the -15 degree weather that had been happening in weeks prior, 33 degrees is paradise. And come on, just take a nice long gander at those snow-capped mountains. And the way the snow just hugs those pine trees and creates the perfect contrast of pure white snow and deeeeep green piney goodness and the way the overcast sky makes everything blueish and magical...

I know I used and a few too many times there. Let's just say I'm having a serious love affair with winter and my grammer is slipping because I'm so love struck.

Speeeeeaking of love struck:

Can we just talk about how magical that was? Looks like I need to wear more lipstick, take more public transportation, and spend more time around paperwork. (Okay, perhaps not that last one. Paperwork and I are not BFFs.)

I know that the inversion and eternal winter tend to mess with people's moods. I'm just thankful that seasonal depression has never been a part of my life. I'll keep my sparkly snow and happy attitude, thank you very much.

Happy Thursday. :)
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