Saturday, January 19, 2013


So, today I bought this little guy:

and I'm overjoyed. 

If I were rich, I would have purchased a Scentsy warmer for every room in my house.

This one for the front room:

This princess one for the bathroom:

This one for the kitchen:

And this one for the laundry room:

Also, I would have purchased 20 different scents.
mochadoodle smells like bakery heaven,
I feel the need to smell black ruby while I watch Once Upon a Time,
and Nichelle and I are now in love with the Scentsy Man line.
We love acehemingway, and titanium.

Scentsy also has car fresheners, hand sanitizer that doesn't dry out your hands, lotion, scents to put in your laundry, and a fondue warmer. 

If you all lived closer to me, I would have had you come over for yummy fondue and 20+ minutes of deciding on which scent was most like a cute boy and which one was most like a cute girl (thanks, Mike!). But, since that wasn't possible, I'm inviting you all to the online version of my party now. 
We can be twins if you buy the Whoot Owl warmer and you can be triplets with Nichelle and I if you get the skinny dippin' scent for your warmer and  for your car. (It was necessary.)

If you live in Logan, email to order stuff and we can share shipping.
If you're outside of Logan, order on the website. And when your stuff comes, please tag me in your instagram pictures so we can share in the joy together. 
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