Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a little update

I made these neat sparkly letters for my room last week. I'd do a tutorial, but really, it would just be like "buy letters from hobby lobby, mod podge glitter on them, hang them on a string or ribbon or wire". (Important side note: 20 gauge is not strong enough for hob-lob letters. But if that's the kind you foolishly get anyway, you can just spiral it around some ribbon and really hang the letters on the ribbon. The end.)

I've gotten rid of advertising on my sidebar. It may come back, I may work with an affiliate program, or I may be done with advertising forever. I'm not sure. The thing is that instead of feeling like I have to blog to make it worthwhile to my sponsors, I want to blog when I want to blog. You know? But please pay close attention to my daily reads section over on the right. Because, really, I read them all the time. And as much as I have had amazing sponsors with blogs I love, those daily reads over there are worth reading every day.

In other news, I got a rice cooker. And I love it. And you probably already read about that yesterday. But, seriously, I love it. As you're reading this, I've got mac and cheese cooking for me for when I go home for lunch. (I'll share the recipe if it's delicious.)

Also, I semi-recently got to design my darling cousin's new blog: The Power of One. But don't just check it out for my design. Ashley is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is so full of desire to serve and to change the world. The Power of One is not just her blog name, but a program she created for her pageant platform. She takes it to schools and uses it to inspire people to believe in their individual worth through serving others. I'm a little biased, because we've been BFFs since birth, but I really do love Ashley and her incredible service ideas.

Sunday night, I made salted caramel cupcakes for our "flirt 'n dessert" party. They were delightful. I blogged about the recipe a while back if you'd like it. It's here.

And finally, let's discuss the boy-girl ratio at the flirt and dessert party: It was excellent. In the favor of the females. Cupcakes are very potentially the way to a man's heart. (Maybe next time we'll serve bacon and see how the numbers improve.)
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