Monday, December 3, 2012

ode to del taco

There is no Del Taco in Logan.
It's a situation.

This is Nichelle and I not eating Chicken Soft Tacos.

There are many places to get tacos in Logan, but there is no place within 50 miles of 84321 where you can purchase three tacos for a dollar once a week.
People here think Taco Tuesday is something that happens at Cafe Rio.
Okay, actually, it is. And I love Cafe Rio.
But you haven't experienced real Taco Tuesday until you've had 15 tacos in one sitting. 
And you don't really know what Taco Tuesday is like unless you've considered throwing up afterwards.
And you're still happy about it.

This is Sparky, Rya, and I without 49 cent tacos in our hands.

Del Taco is a beautiful place. Recently they learned that strawberry lemonade is the way to my heart and they added it to their menu. (I actually don't know how recently that happened, because there is no Del Taco in Logan and I had the misfortune of not being able to go for a long while.)

Other noteworthy places not in Logan:
Wildflower Bread Co.

Also, a mini ode to Bath & Body Works (good news, there is a B&BW in Logan!)
: Thank you for Sugar Plum foamy soap.
My hands now smell like Christmas spirit. 
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