Monday, November 19, 2012

oh, life.

One of my best friends, Ashley Elise, and I used to always talk about how life was like a board game. (Funny that they made one of those called "life", right? We like to think our idea was still original. Work with me.) You're going along, thinking you're headed down the right path when BAM! you draw a card that you didn't expect and you're headed back four spaces.

Lately, my life has felt like Monopoly. Only, I'm sort of just going around the board and staying out of jail. (Don't take that one too literally. None of my daily activities are illegal.) I just keep looping the board. Sometimes I think about buying a railroad or something, but I'm not quite sure which one I want. So, around I go again. And then Heavenly Father pretty much drops 3 railroads in front of me and says "all of these things are awesome, but you still may have to choose only one." And despite the awesomeness of the railroads, it seems like it might be easier to just back it up four spaces and hide in a corner for a while.

So, there you go. A really vague analogy of what's going on in my life lately. Give or take 3 railroads.

I was talking to my long lost cousin, Heidi, tonight about how life is so not the way we planned it. And we still have pretty great plans for what we'd like out of life. (Yes, I'll be honest here, the answer is babies and husbands. In an appropriate order.) But, that's just not in our cards at the moment. We do cool things, we have cool opportunities, and we do less cool, but good things. Because we have other goals too. But, sometimes it's hard to work towards other goals that you want less. You know?

In the end, I'm not really frustrated. My life is really good and I am super grateful that Heavenly Father is watching out for me and blessing me like crazy. He may not be giving me the things I want right now, but he's giving me incredible opportunities that I need. So, honestly, life really is very good.
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