Monday, November 12, 2012

life 'n stuff

Cutest headband from B is for Becky for the share your style swap party.
Share Your Style

Nichelle, Laura, and I made crepes. And then Laura taught us about the internet. 
And we all believe in WWII. And refrigerators. 

Nichelle and I made bracelets. And then we made a volcano with my sister.
And then Matt and Ryan came over and the volcano collapsed in the oven and looked like a cow pie.
But you better believe we baking soda/vinegar erupted that cow pie.

My roommate, Emily, and I finger painted last night. 
I'm pretty sure I'm five years old this week.
Volcanoes and finger painting.
Also, we played with a big, striped, pink ball for over an hour last night.

Life is pretty cool.

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