Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY fall decor. See also: when elise has freetime

We had some pretty stellar Halloween decorations up at our apartment. Glowing bats, spider webs, the works. Once Halloween was over and the decorations were down, our poor apartment looked so sad and empty. 

This weekend, I had lots of free time and I was so escited. (I've tried to fix that typo twice now and it won't work. My fingers are convinced that escited is a word. Roll with it.) There were lots of things that I could have accomplished this weekend, but I wanted to create and get messy and make things. 

So, I did.

 Burlap, lace, ribbon, denim, bandana... it doesn't get much more pinteresty than this.

I wish you could see the leaves more through the paint. I thought about using a distress stamp to accent the veins of the leaves, but I'm not sure how well that would work. I also considered sand paper to just lightly scratch off the paint on the veins, but the sand paper I have currently is a really large grain. Any brilliant ideas  here?

How is your home decorated right now? Is your Christmas tree up yet? I'm getting excited for Christmas decor, but I'm also sort of in denial that it's coming so soon. Wasn't the fourth of july just yesterday?
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