Thursday, November 15, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday

- that defining moment of "so, do I wear swim bottoms or go commando today?"
which is followed by:
- that defining moment of "do I have time to do laundry today or will it be faster to buy new underwear?"
(My poor future commando children.)
- the cold, drippy noses of winter (and an exponential lack of tissues.)
- trying to get my flirt on at church when my bra strap decides to slip it's little way out of the loop on the back and emerge from my sleeve. (Let me explain: The strap is sewed in on the front, but is removable on the back side. Nobody knows why.) So, there I am batting my eyelashes at mr. hottie pants and I feel something tap my arm. No, not a person, bra strap coming OUT OF MY SLEEVE. And I just have to shove it back up my sleeve and hope that it can keep itself contained for the next hour.
- we're just not even going to approach the topic of the lopsidedness thereof.
- also awkward: the fact that occasionally boys read my blog. Sorry, pal. You now know way more about my underclothing than you bargained for. 

- my BFF Nichelle. Sorrynotsorry if you're sick of hearing me talk about her. But, she really is the bomb.
- Also, my BFF Ashley Elise. It doesn't matter how long we go without talking, we still always have endless things to say. 
- hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate
- instagram. It's my true love. (follow me @eliseypants)
- that moment when you just know God loves you.
Not just kind of feeling it, but knowing it without a doubt. 

what's awkward and awesome in your life lately?
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