Tuesday, October 23, 2012


(If you are now singing Fiddler on the Roof to yourself, we are best friends.)

Since the beginning of blog-time (meaning, since I had my first coolio live journal blog) I've always made a "winter to-do list" on the day of the first snow fall. Usually, it's not this early. But, you know, Utah does what it wants. 

  • drink excessive ammounts of caramel apple cider from starbucks
  • build a snow man named gene kelly. ice tap shoes will be happening
  • ice skating ice skating ice skating
  • ski the beav
  • see the forgotten carols
  • see the nutcracker
  • watch elf a few too many times
  • cry my eyes out while watching the christmas shoes
  • hold hands in mittens
  • see the lights at temple square (could be combined with the last item for extra christmas magic)
  • go sledding
  • go caroling
  • build an igloo
  • christmas movie marathon 
  • cut out one-billion paper snowflakes
What is on your winter to-do list?

see the past years' winter to-do lists here
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