Friday, October 12, 2012

let's just talk about the elephant in the room

Here's the story. I picked out this elephant, a pretty blue box showed up on my porch, I opened it, and now Buzz has a new BFF.
but really guys i've totally snuggled with this stuffed elephant for three nights now.

Hullabalu sells toys and stories for a new generation. 
Super cute stuffed animals with fun stories to go with them.

For example, I love my elephant, but I also might need a little "Cedric Dragonry" in my life.

Also, meet Hullabalu's first character, Pan. Actually, two Pans. Doing 'panstands'.

The Hullabalu website is very fun and interactive. I could have spent hours (slash, maybe I did. shhhh) looking at all the fun animals and reading their stories. (Which may or may not have included some Rick Astley jokes.) They also have a facebook page and a pinterest account.

Seriously though. There is an elephant in my room and I love it. 
What should I name him?
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