Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dear boys whatever number I'm on

dear movie man,

you're dreamy.
it might just be your killer smile.
or your eyes.
or both.

hey I just met you and this is crazy...,

dear not-a-h1pster,

I appreciate you not being a h1pster but I'm not certain if I appreciate anything else about you yet.

still thinking,

dear video killed the radio star,

you're seriously cool.

te gusta,

dear camp song,

if dating were ice cream, you'd be cold stone's banana caramel crunch.
I doubt that makes any sense to anyone,
but I'm smiling about how brilliant that is. 

like it, love it, gotta have it,

dear boy,

I feel like we've reached a good "I'm finally over my mega-crush on you and now we can really just be friends" point in our relationship. But, it would be nice if people stopped telling me how handsome you are and wondering why we're not dating.


dear prince charming,

good luck on your date!
I will!
that doesn't make any sense!
I know.

I filled in the blanks for you,

dear boston,

I don't remember who you are.

(probably) love,
dear shepherd's pie,

you're my favorite and I think about you way too much because I'm a girl and I do that but I'm totally not creepy I just really want to get to know you so you should probably take me on a date. the end.
Dear boys peeps:
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