Monday, October 8, 2012

a little fall romance: tami and keean

This one is one of my most favorites. I've been wanting to play with bokeh
engagements for a while and I love how this one turned out. 
Do you like this one better in color or black and white?
I just can't decide.

Engagement pictures are probably my most favorite. Wedding days are beautiful and lots of fun, but I love the relaxed, romantic feel of engagements. And I sure do love some great head shots or senior pictures, but there is just so much magic to capture when a couple is in love. 

Keean asked me if it was weird to watch people kiss all the time. It's not really. Which is weird. But there is something about the camera lens and focusing on being creative that makes it not weird. 

And I just really love fall. It seems like the perfect time to be in love. 
Chilly weather for holding hands, apple cider for two, pumpkins to carve.
It doesn't get more romantic than pumpkin guts. 

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