Friday, September 7, 2012

that time I forgot how depressing West Side Story is.

I'm a happy endings kind of person.
Nichelle and I discussed that it probably should have ended with a JKthesewerefakeknivesandwe'retotallyallstillalivewewerejusttryingtomakeapoint side note.
Oh, and "We're All in This Together" as the finale. 

As I was driving home from the play, I started thinking about a discussion we had in my institute class Wednesday night. We were talking about being representatives of Christ and how you should act when people know that you're a representative of Christ and particularly a religious teacher or leader. My teacher made a point that I really liked. He said, "You have to be real and you have to be real good." I know that in the sermon on the mount, Christ said "Be ye therefore perfect" and I absolutely think that is an important goal. I also recognize that in this life, we will not reach perfection. It's a part of being human, it's a part of life.

I think life is way more about progression than it is about reaching a landmark. Landmarks and goals are important things, but if everyone who hiked stopped when they reached the peak, what would they really be accomplishing? Sure, they made it to their destination, but there are many other mountains to climb and many other peaks to visit with beautiful scenery along the way. And nobody's making it to any other peaks without moving on from that first mountain.

the view from my favorite hike-to place, Inspiration Point
I guess what I'm trying to say is: we're not perfect. What matters is that we're trying. We're going places. We are real people. Real people make mistakes, real people have different likes and dislikes, real people might just do things that you wouldn't choose to do yourself. What matters is that you are doing your personal best.

How does that relate to West Side Story? To be honest, I'm not really sure. 
What I do know is: life is tough. We need more real, good people in this world. 

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