Sunday, September 9, 2012

I don't write songs, part two.

Institute Women's Association, Mary Fielding Smith Chapter - Salt Lake Trip

Institute Women's Association, Mary Fielding Smith Chapter 2011

Me and Valerie, Institute Women's Association Inner Chapter Presidency members 2010-2011

Institute Women's Association Inner Chapter Presidency 2010-2011
These amazing women and all the amazing women pictured above are the reason IWA was what it was.
There is nothing that can replace sisterhood. 
If you don't understand what the Institute Women's Association has to do with me writing a song, it's probably best if you read part one. Or, just fake it until you make it.

So there I was, having this debate with that little voice about how I don't really write songs and if I do write songs they stay hidden in my secret song writing notebook that almost nobody knows about (except that now all of you know). I finally admitted that maybe I could give it a shot, I could write a song and just as my head hit the pillow, the melody started to come. 

And at 1:00 in the morning, even though I had to get up in a mere 5 hours, I quietly hummed the melody into my voice recorder on my phone and saved a note with the lyrics. Then, I went to sleep.

Before I headed up to summer camp the next morning, I downloaded a random piano app to my phone. I am SO glad I thought of that before I didn't have service all week. One night, as I was hanging out alone in the trading post, I pulled out a yellow steno notepad and drew up a makeshift page of sheet music. I opened up the piano app, gave myself a starting note and went to work. I wasn't too surprised at how easy the lyrics came because I really was just basing them off of the words of the pledge I knew so well I could say it in my sleep. (Literally, but that's a story for another time.) I was, however, surprised at how well the notes and even the key change came as I was transcribing the melody. 

I've been in choir my whole life, I took piano, I can read music. But I had never tried to transcribe music before. I mean, I did my piano lesson homework, but nothing like this. My timing wasn't perfect, neither were my notes, but for a free piano app and a steno notepad in the basement of a summer camp cabin, it was pretty good. There was definitely some inspiration and heavenly guidance going on there.

I worked on the song through the rest of the summer. Sometimes on the out of tune piano in the lodge, sometimes silently in the trading post, and occasionally on my piano at home. By the end of the summer, the lyrics and melody were good to go. The wrinkled stack of yellow "sheet music" was placed with my journal, moved up to Logan, and set aside until the time was right to take it out again. 
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