Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY chalkboard table

I could probably pretend like this is a legit tutorial....

We found a table on the side of the road.
We sanded the legs.
We tried to sand the top and discovered it was laminate.
(Also, it smelled like fish. That's what you get for picking up tables on the side of the road, kids.)
We sprayed the whole thing with cheap black spray paint from walmart.

once that dried, we (actually, my stellar roommate, Emily, did most of the work from this point on.) sprayed a second coat of black on the legs and used chalkboard spray paint for the top and the sides.
Then, we let it dry, we took it inside, covered the whoooole thing in chalk, erased it all, and drew. :)

and then we ate delightful food.

Really, it was that easy. 
Find a table, spray it, doodle your heart out.

Word up to chalk powder in your breakfast.
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