Saturday, August 18, 2012

mountain part two

Thursday, I ran away to the summer camp that I worked at for 5 summers. Oh, how I missed it. It was so nice to just relax, talk to old friends, smell the fresh rain and the trees and the dirt. The season is just beginning to change up there, it's getting a little colder at night, the tips of the leaves are yellowy and crisp. The air is so fresh, the sky is so open, and even with a billion children running around screaming, it's just so peaceful. 

We star gazed on the water towers and just stared up into the vastness of the sky. It's amazing to think about how the sky can just go on forever in every direction. We saw some spectacular shooting stars and just laid there for hours talking about life. I don't quite understand how people can look at something that beautiful and not know without a doubt that there is a God. 

This morning, I went to the temple. Something we often refer to as "the mountain of the Lord". Again, I found peace, embraced the silent moments, and was able to relax and just think about life. 

When I was at camp, I didn't really do my hair or care about my makeup. That's just what you do at summer camp. I knew nobody cared how tired I seem to look without eyeliner. I knew nobody was worried about how my hair looked. That's the beauty of summer camp, being naturally you and people loving you for it.

When I go to the temple, even if I go in with cute hair and makeup, I come out with my makeup gone and sopping wet hair because I serve by performing baptisms for the dead. (Check out that link or feel free to email me if you have any questions about that: The best part is, I always feel so beautiful, even with sopping wet hair, no make up, nothing covering my acne scars... I know I'm a daughter of God and I am serving in His kingdom. That makes me beautiful. 
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