Monday, August 6, 2012

Mikarose review and giveaway

Mikarose sells super cute, modest, fashionable dresses. I've loved their website for over a year now. You can definitely find some of their clothing on my pinterest boards. I told my sister that if I were getting married right now, her bridesmaid dress would be coming from Mikarose. Also, I recently discovered that Leven's Bridal up in Logan sells Mikarose dresses!

Seriously though, just drool over some of my favorite items with me.
AveryAnneVictoria Spring Style
L to R: Avery, Anne, Victoria (Spring Style).

Pleated Chiffon Skirt1/2 Sleeve Flower TopShimmer Pencil Skirt
L to R: Pleated Chiffon Skirt, 1/2 Sleeve Flower Top, Shimmer Pencil Skirt.

Cute, right?
Here's my favorite item though, the Jackie Dress.

You guys, I really love this dress. It's a little restricting in the arms (which could potentially make it hard to dance with any tall, dark, and handsome young man...) but other than that, I really am obsessed with it. It's so flattering, so stylish, and it has pockets!

I think my favorite thing about this dress though is the high neckline and the low hemline. I'm basically 6 foot, so finding a dress that falls below my knees is a little hard. But this one is long enough! And yesterday in church, I was able to lean over without worrying about anyone seeing down my shirt. Honestly, it was so much easier to be confident about how I looked when I wasn't having to pull my outfit up or down to make sure I was covered. Confession: I've totally worn this the last two Sundays. I love it that much.

Today, Mikarose is giving away one $50 gift certificate to one of you lucky ducks!

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