Thursday, August 9, 2012

in love with love stitched

Do you love Love Stitched? Because I looove me some Love Stitched. Back when I started "for realsies" blogging, I entered a giveaway on  Little Miss Momma and won myself some fab Love Stitched earrings. Let's just say I've been head over heels ever since. Then, I got to meet Brittany this last spring at Queen Bee Market and again at the Salt Lake Shine event.
I just love this girl.

Really though, her blog is wonderful and her shop is to die for. 

RUTH - Mustard yellow and cream lace rose headband
PETITE KATE in cream - rhinestoned anthropologie inspired Rosette headband / hair piece
ELLIE - black and pink  vintage floral knotted bow headband

I think I'm going to order myself that last headband there, the Ellie headband.
Not only is it adorable, but it's practically named after me. ;) 

Go check out Love Stitched. You totally won't regret it.
And, when you use the code: creative you get 20% off!

P.s. Did you see my post about beauty over on The Slash Blog yesterday?
There is a free printable. Go check it out!
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