Saturday, August 25, 2012

happiness is...

two kinds of ice cream
pizza with sausage
telling the time.

but also:
the first hot shower after that dreadful week of waiting for questar.
back to school clothes even after you've graduated.
almost making it to the muddy part of the redneck waterslide and laughing so hard you can hardly breathe.
not dying on said redneck waterslide.
bonding with someone who just gets what you're dealing with in your working-full-time-frustrated-with-dating life.
fruit pizza.
brownies for breakfast.
reliving summer camp memories until one in the morning.
somehow knowing that everything is going to be alright.
everyone coming back for the school year.
cute 40 something couples giggling and taking pictures in the photo booth at the mall.
knowing God loves you.
freshly painted toenails.
best friends.
snowcones with family.
anything peanut butter and chocolate.
movie quotes.
smelling like a campfire.

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