Saturday, August 4, 2012


When I was little, I thought glasses were so cool. (Hipster at the age of 6. Word.) One day, I was trying to read the VCR and it was kiiiind of a little blurry. I got so excited and told my mom I needed glasses. She and my dad both have glasses, so, I got myself an appointment with the eye doctor.

After a few rounds of "number one... or number two? number three... or number four?" and pretending to be ET, we found out that I really did need glasses. So, I picked out some super stellar tortoise shell glasses frames and I was one happy camper. 

Fast forward to high school, (and skip over the day in Jr. high where I wore multicolored plastic wrap over my lenses for a whole day. I don't make this stuff up, people.) I finally realize that maybe glasses aren't as cool as I thought when I was six. Finally, JR year, I gave contacts a try and I loved them. And I still love them and I wear them most of the time. 

But, glasses are back in. There are so many different ways to look stylish in eyeglasses, and part of me feels really legit that I could rock the plastic frames and know that my lenses weren't just plastic. So, from time to time, I rock my glasses for fashion. Plus, they're a necessary thing when my contacts are out, and I might as well look cute, right?

Sometimes searching for eyeglasses online is hard because you're not really sure how the glasses would look on. That's why I think this Virtual Mirror feature is so cool. It's not quite the same as going to the store, but it's a pretty good substitute. And you can do it in your pajamas. 


Fun, right? Now, which ones do you like best?
number one
 number two
 number three
 number four

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