Monday, July 30, 2012


Something amazing happened yesterday. I looked in the mirror, looked deep into my own eyes, smiled, and found nothing to complain about.

I genuinely, 100% felt beautiful.

I just kept staring at myself. I wasn't quite sure I was really staring at Elise. I mean, I do like myself. I was pretty sure I was okay looking. I usually look in the mirror and think "I look pretty good, but I wish my hair wasn't so blah" or "My hair looks pretty great today, but I have a minor replica of the Himalayas on my cheek" or "I love this shirt, but it kind of makes me look chubby". I always find something good and kill it with a but.

Yesterday there was no but. I just kept smiling in the mirror, happy with how I looked and happy with who I am. I'm not sure what made the difference yesterday, but I realized in that moment that everything is going to be okay. I'm happy with who I am. I'm happy with how I look. I'm happy with where I'm at in life and what I'm doing. Sometimes I want more. Some days I tear myself apart. But some days I'm blessed to just get it.

I'm so grateful for those moments. Because really, I am beautiful. And everything really is going to be okay. Because Heavenly Father loves me.

And you know what, He loves you too.

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