Thursday, July 19, 2012

yeah, whatever bulgur is...

There once was a time that I loved cooking. Deep down, I'm pretty sure I'm still a fan of cooking, but let's be honest: when I come home from work all I want is for someone to feed me and tell me how pretty I am. Is that too much to ask?

Really though, I have gotten way bad at cooking for myself. Which means I don't often have leftovers to take to work. Read: I eat frozen TV dinners or fast food for lunch.
A-not so healthy.
B-bad for my budget
and the correct answer is...
C-all of the above.

So, in an effort to fatten my wallet and do the opposite to my waistline, I started researching.
(I should have majored in Google.)
All the results for "easy, healthy work lunch ideas" were lame.
(And I'm now killing all my hopes and dreams of someday being on the Food Network.)

Que Bulgur and Lentils.

I don't even know where to start. First, bulgur? Anything that might rhyme with "vulgar" does not belong in my belly. Second, that picture. Gold star for nice food photography, negative bronze medal for the vomit in that bowl. (Maybe I'm too harsh? Disclosure: I haven't tried bulgur or lentils and I fully admit that if I were to give either one a chance, I might enjoy them.)

Honorary mentions of weird foods that belong in a foodie magazine and not my lunch box go to:
Cold Russian Beet Soup
Speedy Salade Nicoise
Lamb Pasties
(Disclosure take two: Perhaps these would be items that I could bravely sample and end up loving at, I don't know, a gourmet restaurant? All I wanted were some simple lunch ideas.)

Let's also discuss my dilemma of I-don't-really-love-sandwiches. I like some. ( And I do love me some PB&J). Really though, sandwiches are not my thing. And another dilemma? I'm a snacker. I can't just eat lunch at 11 and call it good. By 2:00 I'm ready to lick my keyboard. 

So, help? What is the balance between I-bought-uncrustables-in-bulk and Rachael-Ray-packs-my-lunch? I need some ideas of simple, easy, semi-healthy meals and snacks to take for work. 
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