Thursday, July 5, 2012

road trip

Just like this post, this is 3 months late.
But you don't care. 

Some of this was in AZ, some in UT. I mostly don't remember which was which. 
So, if AZ is your stomping grounds and you recognize some of these stellar rocks, give them a shout out.

 Right picture: Grand Canyon. AZ side.
 Also, Grand Canyon AZ side.

 Actually and Nichelle

 Coconino = Chocolate Nichelle.

 Ashley, Nichelle, Elise, Elisabeth
Nichelle is way more tough than all of us.

 We didn't get a picture of the other side, but it said Midgely Bridgley.
I respect that.

 Manti, UT Temple. One of my favorite places ever.

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